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Bridging the Testing & Engineering Gap
Managing multiple vendors to engineer, construct, fix and certify can lead to costly project and outage delays. We integrate testing, engineering, and project management, so problems are diagnosed, fixed, and certified right on the spot, all by the same team. Our adaptable, consultative approach helps you make the right decisions the first time.
Who We Are
Led by Eric Dexter, WYE Testing & Engineering is a division of Delta Utility Services, Inc. We provide specialized and professional testing and engineering services for utility work in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our extensive knowledge and experience provide turnkey solutions and seamless executions.
Safety. Reliability. Excellence.
Our company is committed to these core principles for every job. These values, combined with WYE’s unsurpassed talent, ensure that we provide complete solutions and excellent human performance application for every project. You’ll get peace of mind, knowing that your job is being handled by top professionals in the industry.
Energy with Passion
We understand that the heart of what we do is to ensure and restore the safe and reliable generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power for the diverse communities we serve. Our team not only brings the expertise to each testing & commissioning project, but we also bring the passion.


ADMS DNP Implementation Upgrade

WYE is upgrading, testing, and certifying the SCADA system at 124 distribution stations throughout Maryland. Service Testing: SCADA & Communications Programming and Point-to-Point Data Validation Location Throughout Maryland Scope Multi-year, multi-phased ADMS implementation at 124 distribution stations Background One of WYE’s largest customers wanted to upgrade their SCADA system from the antiquated 1980s software to […]

Safety and Human Performance

For every job, WYE is committed to the safety of our employees and clients, the reliability of power to the community, and the excellent application of human performance procedures. HIGHEST STANDARD OF HUMAN PERFORMANCE Many of our projects are for substations that are already fully in service. We understand how important it is to maintain […]

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