Safety and Human Performance

For every job, WYE is committed to the safety of our employees and clients, the reliability of power to the community, and the excellent application of human performance procedures.


Many of our projects are for substations that are already fully in service. We understand how important it is to maintain a reliable power source for the community.

Therefore, we follow standard procedures to mitigate any inadvertent operations of the system. Our technicians and field engineers hold themselves accountable to the highest standard of human performance.


Before we implement a project at its physical location, our team spends a substantial amount of time to plan and prepare.

First, we review everything that is provided to us regarding the project, including prints and setting files. Then, we write a full commissioning and testing plan and project plan. The plans go through an approval process, from the lead technician who’s going to run the job, to the field supervisor, to the divisional manager or technical specialist.

So, we essentially do the project first in our minds on paper, before we do it with our hands on site.

Once it comes time for the technicians and field engineers to execute the project, they know that the plan has already been thoroughly reviewed. This allows the field team to focus on the project implementation, rather than trying to come up with a plan at the same time.


This approach is one of the ways that our company is unique from some of the others in the industry. The comprehensive process that we follow enables us to provide turnkey solutions that are as safe, reliable, and excellent as possible.